Acting for the BBC

This isn’t magic related but while I’m writing a couple of blogs I thought I’d add this in.

In September 2019 I was lucky enough to act in a short film for The British Broadcasting Corporation.

Inspired by Simon Armitage’s Killing Time, this film begins with a newsreader speaking about an incident that happened in a nondescript school. Two masked figures have entered and are wreaking havoc. In the midst of this, we meet Lucy, sprawled on the floor, ears ringing after an explosion. She locks herself away and desperately calls for help, but is unable to get through to anyone. Believing the absolute worst is about to happen, she records a tearful message for her mother, saying that she loves her, before putting down her phone, casting herself into darkness to wait for whatever it is to happen. When the door opens, Lucy is blinded by the light and is led by the hand out into the corridor. She wanders between her classmates, unable to process both the reality of the situation and her own emotions.

Here’s a link to the piece. Enjoy!

If you’ve read this far, thank you!

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