“Keep up the great work.”

– Matt Johnson – Escapologist as seen on Britain’s Got Talent.

“No way! That’s amazing! Get out my head, I don’t know how you’re doing it!”

–  A. Dean

“You were amazing as well as very inspiring.”

– D. Curtis

“Strolling amongst the guests as they arrive, performing incredible close up tricks, attending dining tables with yet more close up illusions that baffle everyone; to a full show to a larger audience. Charlie did all this effortlessly, with great skill and charm, at our Christmas Party and surprised the guests with his ability and confident performance.”

– B. Woodhams

“The show was brilliant, so well prepared and slick, you wowed us all with a mixture of tricks, stunts and what I can only describe as wizardry. The girls and I were on the edge of our seats to the very end. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.”

– C. Tomlin

“Amazing close up magic from a young magician. One for the future as a confident performer. Recommend 100%. Amazing lad please book him.”

– G. Jordan

“Charlie is absolutely amazing, he left me speechless and blew everyone’s mind. I would definitely book him again.”

– H. Karakashian

“I didn’t believe in magic until I saw Charlie perform, I would recommend him to anyone, he has such amazing talent.”

– T. Michaels

“Charlie Performed for our Ruby Anniversary and amazed all of our guests!”

– L. Townsend

“Charlie performed at a dinner party and kept our guests entertained for two hours with some great magic, I’m looking forward to seeing him again.”

– E. Hemming-Allen

“Gorgeous lad and amazing at magic!”

– Charlie’s Mum.

“I just wish he’d get a proper job.”

– Charlie’s Dad.