Here’s what just a few people have said about Charlie’s performances!

“Our wedding took place on the 21st January 2023. Both of us had been married twice before so this wedding was a real big deal to us. Having been lucky enough to have come across Charlie and seen his magic up close, we had booked him for our occasion. We had the very best celebration, a big part of that was Charlie. He amazed everyone there, several times doing special magic just for us. Despite observing his every move with other guests looking on closely, we were all left gobsmacked all wondering how the hell did he just do that !!! Charlie is a phenomenon, brilliant, charming, and talented beyond his years. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, for any occasion anywhere. Thank you so much for helping make our day extra special, giving us a memory we will never forget. We hope we will see you again……. All the best – Richard & Fiona Catchpole.”

“We had Charlie for my Birthday party with about 120 Guests, great entertainment and the guests enjoyed the various tricks and skills on display, we have live music in our garden and this was a great addition to the evening, also good humour and well presented.”

– M. Shannon

Hi Charlie, I am sitting in the bar on a Brittany Ferry and I have to tell you how impressed I have just been with your show. I am usually a reluctant attendant of the shows, especially the magic ones. I was pleasantly surprised to say I thoroughly enjoyed your show. You left me thinking ‘how the bejesus did he do that’….. probably a good response for an illusionist/magician. Thank you and good luck in all you do.”

– D. Webb

“You were amazing as well as very inspiring.”

– D. Curtis

“What is this Sorcery. Crisp tricks for a crisp drink! We’re here for it.”

– 7up

“Strolling amongst the guests as they arrive, performing incredible close up tricks, attending dining tables with yet more close up illusions that baffle everyone; to a full show to a larger audience. Charlie did all this effortlessly, with great skill and charm, at our Christmas Party and surprised the guests with his ability and confident performance.”

– B. Woodhams

“The show was brilliant, so well prepared and slick, you wowed us all with a mixture of tricks, stunts and what I can only describe as wizardry. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.”

– C. Tomlin August 2020.

“This year we were able to organise our annual party of 30. My first thought was to book Charlie. Charlie wowed with his magic…lots of eyes popping out of heads and how did he do that whispers!!! We were left gob smacked. The tricks performed were incredible and Charlie was completely unfazed by our slightly tipsy group!! The highlight of the evening was the hypnotism… I’ve never been a believer in this and always thought it was made up!! Not anymore. My husband and I watched in amazement as our friends could no longer say their names/remember the alphabet, or take their hands off the table. Words aren’t enough. Seeing is believing, so please book this brilliantly talented young magician!!”

– C. Tomlin – August 2021.

“Hi Charlie, I wanted to say thank you for performing at my daughters hen party yesterday. You were brilliant. We all loved your tricks. So clever. You did so well entertaining us all considering we were probably loud and a little tipsy. I will recommend you to anyone. Thank you.
– S. Kelly

“Hi Charlie. I can’t tell you how many people last night sang your praises + exclaimed how much they  enjoyed + were impressed with your magic show. You must have worked hard + practiced your act over + over to deliver such a polished performance. Like musicians who perform, you too, have a natural talent which should be cherished + encouraged. Charlie Robinson is an up + coming name to remember, in the world of magic + illusion. A confident, personable, talented young man who is passionate about his Art. He amused, bewitched and amazed our audience of 60 at our Xmas dinner with an unforgettable performance. Book him, you won’t be disappointed!”

– E. Scott  

“I asked Charlie if he could hypnotise me in the mindset that it wasn’t going to work. I will never question that again! The first hypnosis task was my favourite. He convinced me that my hand was stuck to the floor and as hard as I tried I literally could not move my hand off the floor…Would highly recommend.”

– I. Bird

“Thank you so much for the performance on Friday. Absolutely amazing. Even though we had to do this virtually, the tricks were still amazing to see. Everyone in attendance were stunned by some of the tricks which you performed and we can only hope we are able to get you to a face-to-face event sometime in the near future. Especially thanks for helping setup a trick which involved our staff. I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone who is looking for this sort of act.”

– Flight Lieutenant S. Nash  

“Thanking you very much for your wonderful entertainment at our dinner party celebration last Saturday evening at the Westmead. Our guests all enjoyed and would highly recommend for future occasions. Thanking you again. Sue.”

– S. Bodders

“No way! That’s amazing! Get out my head, I don’t know how you’re doing it!”

–  A. Dean

“Keep up the great work.”

– Matt Johnson – Escapologist as seen on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent.

“Amazing close up magic from a young magician. One for the future as a confident performer. Recommend 100%.”

– G. Jordan

“Charlie is absolutely amazing, he left me speechless and blew everyone’s mind. I would definitely book him again.”

– H. Karakashian

“Charlie came to entertain us with some sleight of hand and mind reading. He has us all wondering how he did it!! Fabulous afternoon, thank you Charlie.”

– E. Williams

“Charlie Performed for our Ruby Anniversary and amazed all of our guests!”

– L. Townsend

“Charlie performed at a dinner party and kept our guests entertained for two hours with some great magic, I’m looking forward to seeing him again.”

– E. Hemming-Allen

“Gorgeous lad and amazing at magic!”

– Charlie’s Mum.

“I just wish he’d get a proper job.”

– Charlie’s Dad.