Award winning magician.

This is the trophy and certificate I won.

Saturday April 14th 2018 my dad took me down to London to the world famous magic circle (mentioned in prevoious blogs) . I was there to learn new effects and ideas but also to enter the monthly competition. We had 20 acts in total from card tricks to rope tricks. My act however was a mentalism act (mind-reading.) in which 2 random people are invited up onto the stage and both think of a card. I ask the 2 people to name aloud their thought of card and they both say the same card!


Here’s where the good news comes in

Out of all 10 acts in my catagory the most amount of votes were for me so therefore I won! It was a tense moment before the host announced the winner but when I heard my name I knew I must have done a good job.


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