Headline show news

My very own headline show was a blast at the norbury theatre lasting 1 hour with magic, comedy and the two combined to create comedy magic!!

I performed for about 45 minutes in two 22.5 minute sets as I was lucky enough to have a little break in-between because I had an amazing young singer Lucy Bott come and sing a few songs to break things up. Don’t worry if you missed the show as I may be performing the very same tricks at your next event and will even be having full length DVDs of the show produced for you to buy at just £8 (£5 with every booking).

Pictures of the show will be coming very soon.


Priory care-home:

Well at least I know I’m doing my job right. This is because I was lucky enough to be asked back to the Priory care home near where I live. I entertained the residents for about 35-40 minutes and performed tricks such as making signed banknotes appear in lemons to instantly knowing what someone was thinking. It was an honour to be asked back again and hopefully I’ll be asked a third time!!

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